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Business Investigation

Commercial Investigation in London, the City & West End of employees, fraud, computer forensics, resolving many of the more uncommon problems for business owners

Emplyee problems london


Employees are a companies lifeblood - while most are loyal, some may fake long term sickness, moonlight, or set themselves up in competition. We discreetly and confidentially resolve difficult issues of internal theft and fraud

surveillance london


Discreet surveillance of an employee or the competition shows the true turn of events, rather than, perhaps, what one is told. Observation in London may involve following by tube, public transport or car, depending upon the circumstances

computer investigation london

Computer Investigation

The secrets of Computers and mobile 'phones can be unravelled forensically. Many have made the mistake of thinking that a file will be deleted only to find that the evidence is recoverable

tracing people london

Tracing People

We locate hundreds of people each year through a mix of database research and physical enquiry, often with the slimmest of information such as a first name. Data research may mix with physical enquiry



We take fingerprints for Visa & FBI in London at your premises, and are the only Private Investigation with a dedicated facility in-house. Prints lifted on-site for evidence & analysis which identify a culprit

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Basepoint Business Club

We are often in demand to talk to Business Clubs and Social groups including Basepoint Business Hub in Eastcote, West London

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