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Your employee, or your partner in your private life will probably have told their computer everything, thinking the machine a confidante that will not tell their secrets

It is likely that they will cover their tracks by deleting incriminating files, folders or images, believeing they have disappeared into the ether

Given a laptop or similar overnight, we will make a copy of the hard drive and then begin forensic work - rebuilding the deleted files, recovering emails, images, videos - potentially anything created on the machine since it was built. Such evidence is conclusive and has been the downfall of many

Answers Investigation are a rarity in our industry - we handle all IT forensic work in-house and have done so for 15 years

We are one of the leading forensic companies in London & will be pleased to discuss your problem at your premsies or at ours - you can call us on 0207 158 0332 or email us at

Computer Investigation London

Computer & I.T. Forensics for London Business in Central, Greater and Outer London

Private Investigation of computers

Confidential forensic recovery of computers & laptops belonging to private clients

IT Forensics

Court admissible evidence derived from legal examination of a computer

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